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Youth Development Academy

(Designed for U12 elite, U13, and U14 age groups)

Our Youth Development Academy (YDA) is a supplemental training option for players who are in the first two years 11v11 game format.  They will train with-in a group concept and compete in small sided games that will mimic real game moments to increase their ability to identify and solve situations to improve their decision making on and off the ball.  This will continue to build their Soccer IQ while allowing them to develop in a competitive environment.  The YDA program is led by our Academy director and follows and age appropriate curriculum that is Dynamic, Competitive, and Fun that engages players in every session.

Registration Open


YDA Information

The YDA program is an Academy soccer course that trains once a week for 90 minutes (Typically on Saturday's).  The program is designed to help players understand how to break lines and create space on the larger field, through combination play, or switching the point of attack.  Through dynamic group training, players will continue to improve their technical skills and tactical understanding on both sides (Offense and Defense) of the ball. Our focus will be on maintaining possession of the ball and how to unbalance defenses to create opportunities at goal.  On the defensive side, players will understand how to delay an attack, pressure their opponents and win the ball back quickly either through tackling, interception, or forcing their opponent to make a mistake.  This will help the player identify space and pressure and allow them to utilize their skills to break lines and get in behind quickly to unbalance their opponents.

Our goal in the YDA program is to Maximize a players touches on the ball in every session, to create comfort and confidence on the ball.  This will allow them the time they need to read the field and make decisions.  We will break down game situations to help players understand different match moments while maximizing reps and encouraging creativity to find success.  As players begin to find success we will see their speed of play, ability to pick apart their opponents and gain that competitive edge  through the program.

YDA Spring Training Academy

  • Registration Now Open

  • March 11th - May 31st, 2024

  • 7:00pm-8:30pm

  • Tuesday and Thursday

  • 12 Training Sessions

  • Have 6 week Packages Available

  • All Training Sessions at SportHQ

  • Monthly Payment Plans Available

YOuth Development Academy.png

Training Uniform Kit

All Dynasty Futbol Academy FDA players are required to wear the DFA  training Kit (Red Top, Black Shorts, and Red Socks) that is offered by

Once your Player is enrolled in their Academy Program you will receive a link from to your players personal store where you can order their Kit.

This is required for Participants of Full Academy Programs.  Drop-In Session Players are not Required to Purchase Training Kit

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