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Premier Development Academy

Our Premier Development Academy (PDA) is a supplemental training option typically for our younger players

U6 (2017 Birthyear), U7(2016 Birthyear), and U8(2015 Birthyear.)  PDA is staffed by qualified license coaches and directors who will provide age appropriate instruction with the main focus on technical development.  Our PDA program will help prepare players to get used to a competitive soccer structure and create a passion for the game. 

All players are eligible to participate in the Premier Development Academy as we are not affiliated with any Club.  PDA players are encouraged to utilize this training in conjunction with their recreational program team to fulfill their hunger to play more soccer and get more touches on the ball.

Registration Open For Spring Programs


PDA Information

The PDA program is an 8 week course that trains once a week for a 1 hour and 20 minutes.  The program is designed to introduce recreation players to the necessary skills needed to prepare for competitive soccer around the area.  Players will experience small group training session with low coach to player ratios.  This will allow us to really focus on each individual players development and help build confidence in their game each session. 


Sessions will be held on Wednesday and the Spring Programs are listed below in a table for your viewing.  We will hold a small competitive Festival on a Saturday at the end of each 8 week Program.  We will offer program to older age players on a case by case basis as we understand players start this process at different points.  If your player is older than the recommended age please contact our Academy Director at the email address below.

PDA Program Schedule

Spring Academy #1 - 8 Weeks

  • 2/15/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 2/22/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - Sport HQ

  • 3/01/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 3/08/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 3/15/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 3/22/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 3/29/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 4/12/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

Spring Academy #2 - 8 Weeks

  • 4/19/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 4/26/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - Sport HQ

  • 5/03/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 5/10/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 5/17/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 5/24/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 5/31/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

  • 6/07/23 - 5:30pm-6:50pm - SportHQ

*Summer 2023 Dates Coming Soon*

PDA Training Focus

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Foot Skills

  • Passing and Receiving

  • Finishing

  • 1v1's

  • 2v2's

  • Introduction to Juggling

PDA Program Cost

Program Fees
Single Program - 8 Weeks
Two Programs - 16 Weeks

Training Uniform

All Dynasty Futbol Academy PDA players are required to wear the PDA training shirt that is offered by

More information on how to order will be Announced soon with a link to our ordering page.

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