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Parent Code Of Conduct

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behavior in all sessions and events of the beautiful game of soccer. As a player, you are part of an Elite Academy and your actions reflect not only upon yourself but on your peers, coaches, family and the Dynasty Futbol Academy. As a member of the Academy, you are responsible for your own actions and will be held accountable for them.  ALL members of the Dynasty Futbol Academy (parents, players, staff) are expected to follow the Academy Code of Conduct and FIFA Fair Play Code.  FIFA is the international governing body for our sport.

  • Refrain from exerting undue pressure and unrealistic expectations on my player

  • Focus and Trust in the Process of Dynasty Futbol Academy over immediate results

  • Refrain from coaching the players from the sidelines; Let the coaches do what they are here to do and don’t confuse the players by telling them what you think they should do.

  • Drop-off and Pick-up my player to and from Academy Sessions and Events in a timely manner

  • Refrain from behaving irresponsibly by addressing player, coach, referee, or another parent in an abusive manner.  Abusive behavior includes but is not limited to, foul language, verbal or physical threats, aggressive body language, or providing negative sideline instruction.  Dynasty Futbol Academy has a Zero Policy regarding inappropriate behavior at any activity Dynasty Futbol Academy is involved in.

  • Inform the Coach if your player has any injuries or health related issues

  • 24 – Hour Rule: Please do not approach the Coach or Academy Staff on the field, after a session, or after a match due to frustrations about playing time, positioning, and Academy dynamics.  Please take the 24 hours to think about the situation to provide a constructive and meaningful conversation with the coach or academy staff.

  • Refrain from engaging in inappropriate use of social media platforms – this includes posting comments on sites that may cause harm to others or bring the Academy into disrepute.

  • Applaud good, fair play and success of all participants.

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