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Ball Mastery Program

Our Ball Mastery Program (BMP) is an introductory supplemental training program designed for players who want to improve their technical skills while on the ball.  The Ball Mastery 1 program is offered to players U8(2016 Birthyear.)-U11 (2013 Birthyear). The Ball Mastery 2 program is offered to players U12(2012 Birthyear.)-U15 (2009 Birthyear). BMP is staffed by qualified license coaches and directors who will provide age appropriate instruction with the main focus on technical development.  Our BMP program will help players improve their individual technical game and build a confidence to make and impact on the field when the ball is at their feet.  The BMP is open to all skill level players who are looking to gain an edge over their competition and prepare for our more advanced Academy programs.

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Ball Mastery Program Information

The BMP program is a course that trains weekly for a 1 hour and 30 minutes each session.  The program is designed to help players gain confidence on the ball and improve their technical skills to build a solid foundation to prepare for advanced soccer training and competitive play.  Through dynamic group training, players will maximize their touches on the ball, learn how to utilize the different surfaces of the feet, and execute technical skills in pressure situations with confidence.

Through the BMP training sessions players will develop muscle memory to execute skills with both feet, which will allow them to focus on making decisions during game situations.  Players will improve their individual foot skills, passing and receiving technique, ability to finish, and also improve their ability to Juggle the ball.  All sessions will incorporate small sided games and activities to allow players to utilize the skills they are learning and put them to practice in game like situations.  This in return will allow players to understand and make decisions that will impact the game positively for themselves and their team, and give them a competitive edge over their opponents.  If you have any questions about the program please email us.

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Training Uniform

All Dynasty Futbol Academy Ball Mastery players are strongly suggested to wear the DFA training shirt that is offered by

More information on how to order will be Announced soon with a link to our ordering page.

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