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Refund Policy

General Refund Policy

Registration or Acceptance in/on a Dynasty Futbol Academy program confirms a player's commitment to the program, Academy, and the fees associated with the program for the allotted amount of sessions.  Any adjustment or refund will be handled on a case by case basis by Dynasty Futbol Academy Directors.  Refunds or Adjustments will not be provided due to weather.  We will do our best to reschedule any sessions missed each program.  Administrative Fees may apply.

Refunds will be provided in the same manner in which payment was made and by check if payment was made via cash or check.  If payment was made by Credit Card, refunds will appear on your credit card statement as a credit.

Players who decide to withdraw from their program for reasons other than significant injury or relocation may not be eligible for a refund and will be responsible for completing any remaining payments owed through installment plan.  Registration for any more Dynasty Futbol Club Programs will not be granted until all outstanding balances have been paid to Dynasty Futbol Club.


Consideration for relocation outside the general Dynasty Futbol Club service area will be given, Please complete the form below with specific information to begin a review.  We understand things can change quickly and will complete the review as quickly as possible.

Significant Injury

Should a significant injury occur that results in a substantial loss of participation in Academy Programs, please fill out the form below to initiate a review of the player's Academy fees.  A significant injury is defined as an injury that results in a player not being able to participate in Academy Sessions for more than a 4 week timeframe.  In order for your request to be considered, you must submit a doctors note to the office.

Suspension of Programs due to Environmental Situations

In the event any Academy Program, Camp, or Clinic is disrupted by a suspension of play due to environmental factors outside of Dynasty Futbol Academy's control, (e.g., Weather, Health Pandemic, Acts of God, etc.)  Dynasty Futbol Academy will make its best effort to reschedule an lost sessions.  If the disruption becomes significant and sessions cannot be rescheduled, Dynasty Futbol Academy may issue a partial refund.  Any refunds issue for such an event will be a the discretion of the Dynasty Futbol Academy CEO and Directors.  Take in to account that most expenses for operation the Academy are incurred upfront and cannot be recaptured.

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